The Ben Folds Project

  1. The Ben Folds Project
    Event on 2014-05-02 19:30:00

    Ben Folds performs his daring combination of new art live on stage along with two beloved 20th century ballets demonstrates the diverse talents of Music City’s dance and musical communities.

    Ben Folds Piano Concerto
    Piano virtuoso and popular music mainstay Ben Folds combines his new, original piano concerto with Vasterling’s choreography to spin a poetic narrative in a classical style influenced by popular music.

    Petite Mort 
    This modern-day masterwork from famed Czech/Dutch choreographer Jiří Kylián premieres to Nashville audiences with its coordinated group formations, strong duets and combined elements of contemporary and classical dance.

    The essence of neo-classical ballet, Serenade emphasizes the beauty of the female dancer and portrays women as beautiful, strong, even divine.

    at TPAC – Andrew Jackson Hall
    505 Deaderick Street
    Nashville, United States

  2. Nipsey Hussle
    Event on 2014-01-18 20:00:00
    with Tef Poe, Allen Gates, MARKOE, Step Or Get Left
    You already know what it is. From the way he greets you, to the words that he speaks. The uniform he wears is bold, aggressive and absolutely intimidating. He's authentic – the offspring of the West Coast's most celebrated talent – yet and still a novelty all his own. In an industry that's fallen victim to bubble gum lyrics and erroneous dance fads to match, he's the spokesperson the block wants for. He's the sociopolitical outrage of Ice Cube and N.W.A. He's Snoop Dogg before you knew his name and Ice T after an unexpected knock at 6 o'clock in the morning. He's the very definition of Slauson & Crenshaw – a self-inspired movement and a name you can trust. He is Nipsey Hussle. A devout member of the Rolling Sixty Crips, Nipsey Hussle emerged from one of the most respected sets in Los Angeles. Situated in the middle of South Central, he's as poised a banger as there comes. "I try to keep a balance with my career and who I am aside from that." says Nipsey. "It's kinda hard, but I try to stay the same nigga and balance both worlds. You don't wanna forget where you come from and at the same time, you don't wanna fuck off your blessing tryna live the same lifestyle you been living."

    at Pop’s Nightclub
    401 Monsanto Ave
    East Saint Louis, United States

  3. Los Lonely Boys
    Event on 2014-04-04 20:00:00
    Hailed as “one of America’s premier rock bands,” the three brothers known as Los Lonely Boys make their long-awaited return to the Keswick Theatre. Don’t miss their trademark all-embracing ‘Texican Rock ‘n’ Roll’ sound – infused with luscious brotherly vocal harmonies, infectious pop appeal, irresistible grooves and masterful guitar work!

    at Keswick Theatre
    291 North Keswick Avenue
    Glenside, United States

Help for My Erectile Dysfuntion

There are some things that are embarrassing to talk about, even with a family doctor. While I was embarrassed over my condition, I decided that a bit of embarrassment was worth it if I could get a cure for my erectile dysfunction. My wife has been incredible through this, but I knew that it was not fair to either one of us. I finally talked to my doctor, and he told me that I was suffering from a common condition and told me to look up information on Sildenafil for Australia.

He knows me well enough to know that I will not take anything without first researching it myself. He doesn't take offense to this at all, and has told me that he wishes all of his patients would be that thorough. I went home and did my research, and I was quite happy with what I saw. I don't mind taking pills and capsules, but it is not something that I enjoy either. That is one of the reasons I was happy to see that this is an oral jelly that comes in many different flavors. Instead of having to choke down a pill, I would be able to enjoy a spoonful of flavor.

I also liked that this is a natural remedy that is quite effective. There are side effects of course, but that is the case with anything, even the air we breathe at times! I was content with everything I read, so I decided to go ahead and order it. I took it as prescribed, and the difference is night and day. I no longer suffer from my condition, and our romantic life is better than ever. I really am thankful my doctor talked to me about Sildenafil, and I only wish I had talked to him sooner about my issues!

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Doing a Lot of Detailing at Work

It is a really simple job that I have. I got it from knowing the guy who owns a limousine service in Bergen county NJ. He has a lot of nice cars and he was aware of the fact that I keep my vehicle perfectly clean. I used to work for a detailing shop and I got to be quite good at it. Of course they have all sorts of vehicles and some of them are not well suited to this level of care. For instance they have limo vans and party buses. The latter are the same thing as a greyhound bus, except that they have a lot of couches around them instead of the air plane type seats that buses have. I can clean those and make it look nice, but it is not as though people are going to notice the finer details like they would with a limo.

Obviously people are a lot more familiar with a car and they know what they want it to look like, so the fine details are stuff that they can appreciate. No one owns their own bus, except maybe Willie Nelson and touring musicians like that. At any rate I do not do the real cleaning of the vehicles. I take them after the cleaners have finished with them and I go through them looking for the slightest imperfections. The tires and rims are where you find that sort of thing and a lot of times it goes deeper than what can be easily fixed. I am not really sure how long I am going to do it, but I need the money for the holidays and they seem pretty happy with the job that I am doing. It is not all that interesting, but they are paying okay for it.

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Keeping a Promise to My Inner Child

Growing up watching my parents fight over the bills that they had to pay was enough for me to swear off ever buying a home or even getting married. From home insurance to the trash bill, my parents would fight over everything despite the fact that they were both taking care of the money in the house. It's like the fact that they had to pay a bill at all was enough stress to cause them to slowly break apart. I can't imagine being in a relationship so defined by the finances that a fight could be waiting in every bill that comes to the home.

At thirty years old I have manage to hold to the promises I made to myself. I've stuck with being single while working my way through college. At the same time, I have not allowed myself to fall into a relationship which would have turned into a long term commitment. I have certainly made enough female friends and companions that I feel as if I could find any sort of fulfillment that I might need at the time. Watching my parent's marriage fall apart had this powerful of an impact on me - I refuse to experience that first hand.

To me, divorce is one of the worst things two people can do if they have a child. I know that it can be difficult trying to make things work in a relationship but imagine what the child is going through? If that couple truly did understand how the child felt about what their parents were going through, I have no doubt that they would do everything within their power to fix whatever the problem was at hand. It's too easy to run away but once a child is in the equation, personal happiness no longer matters.

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Best CCTV Systems for Security

I own a small business, and crime has never been a problem in the past, but more recently, people have been trying to steal things from the store. I do not feel safe anymore, and that is what has brought me to the web, in order to look into getting CCTV cameras to put in my store, in order to add an extra level of security.

I am pretty sure that most people would be unlikely to rob the store, if they knew it was going to be recorded on camera. That is definitely why I think that this will be an effective solution for my problems. However, it is not completely clear, that it is going to just be so simple to get rid of the crime problems. But I will check, and see how it works. I might have to go to further measures if it is not enough to get rid of the crime that is being committed against my business.

I want to try to do everything that I can to protect my business, as it is so very important to me. I have never felt this strongly about protecting anything, and I do not have a family. If I did have a family, then I bet I would feel differently. But as things currently stand, this business is my entire life, and it is most of what I have in the world. So to protect it is my best interest. I want to find a good brand of CCTV to use for security purposes. I am not sure how many cameras I am going to need, but the more, the better as long as they are not too expensive. I definitely think that is the case, and that I will get at least 3 of them.

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Changing the Landscape of Tomorrow

If you haven't been in the know, Singapore is the place to be. I moved here early last year with a few business minded friends with our minds set on making one of the best mobile platform game design companies in the world. It's easy to say that but we're going to capture the Asian market like no one has done before. Developers in the United States have no idea what they're missing out on by not having a division in Singapore; especially when you can get cheap office space from!

We had been planning this for months before we set out on this venture; we found partners quickly along with a group of investors who were more than eager to see this sort of gaming exprience come to life. There's almost no developers here in Singapore so competition to capture this market is slim to none for us. We have the experience that most of them are lacking along with two members on the team who have a good deal of personal experience regarding gaming from Singapore's cultural mindset. We have everything we need.

Success is like a recipe. You need a plan. You need the experience of a good leader to bring the ingredients together. Then you need a place to let those ingredients cook away to become something more than the sum of themselves. When you can achieve this, when you have the perfect blend of individuals, of vision and goals and the right setting, you will find success to be in your favor. It's just like how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did it. The right people at the right moment in time with the right technology in their hands were able to change the entire scope of the world as we know it even today.

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I Went Back to Work After 20 Years

Paintings at University of Chester – Main CampusI had gone to school to earn a degree many years ago. I was going to put it to good use when I became pregnant with twins. It was not expected, and it put an immediate halt to my career plans. I did not want someone else raising my children, so I became a full time mom. Now that my sons are grown, and I was feeling the urge to get back into the work force. I knew that I could go back to school for a part time degree, so I looked at my options as far as education was concerned.

While I still had my degree, I knew that I had forgotten a lot more than I remembered. I also knew that what I had learned was over 20 years old, and that times have changed. I wanted to basically get an update on my degree, and I found a school that was able to provide exactly what I needed. I was able to get a job at an office complex not far from where I live, and I was able to attend classes part time as well.

My boss knew that I was doing this, and he took a huge risk on even hiring me. I am thankful that he saw something in me and took a chance on hiring me, even though I had been out of the work force for two decades. Taking the part time classes that I did helped catch me up to some new methods, and I felt very confident with the direction my life was taking. After earning my degree, I was quickly promoted to the HR department, and I am poised to take it over as soon as my immediate boss retires in a few months. Life really is what you make of it.

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Started Working My Summer Job

I have to have some money before I go back to school, so I have been looking for any sort of job I can get. I actually found two of them, and in my current situation I decided to do them both. It is not any fun, especially the one in the day time. I am one of those guys who reads the meters for Reliant Energy in Houston. They gave me a bit of training and a little truck that does not have a working air conditioning. I got the feeling that they did not really care if I had air conditioning or not. Of course it is not going to do me all that much good if I did have it, because you drive the truck from one place to the other and then you get out and try to read meters at two or three different places before you hop back in. You got to watch out for dogs, but I got me a big box of dog treats and that is a pretty good way to make dogs less likely to chomp down on your hind parts.

The job I do at night is working in a kitchen at this pretty nice Italian restaurant. I am sort of helping with the prep work, but if I had been smart I might have tried to get a job waiting tables at this place. Obviously you make the same crappy type of hourly rate working in the kitchen or out on the floor, but if you do a good job of waiting tables at this place you can do great on tips. This is the sort of place were you definitely want the customer to figure your tip as ten or fifteen percent of the bill for the meal.

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The Best Option for Hair Service

When it comes to beauty and appearances, there are obviously tons of factors that can play into an overall impression. Everyone has their own set of standards to say the least, but hair is often much more simple to judge. Whether the issue is more a matter of fixing problems like frizz or trying to improve something like the level of shine, there are actually many treatments out there that can do wonders for improving the look and feel of your hair. The best hair treatment in singapore is TEAM Salon, and they can do all of this with a consistency for results and great service.

If this is appealing but you are not quite sold, consider the fact that this company has a history of important clients including sponsoring the official Miss Singapore International event in 2011 and 2013. It is hard to find a better example of beauty, as there is little doubt that the best of the best show up for these competitions and have extremely high standards. If people this picky are appreciative of these services, it stands to reason that most customers will be happy with the results. This salon is capable of doing everything from basic cuts and coloring to treatments and more, which means that it can easily become the only salon you ever need again.

Of course this all sounds great, but many people have tight budgets so fears of expensive prices may be going wild right now. Luckily this salon has done their best to keep prices competitive and reasonable, making it possible for many people to easily afford their great work. It is hard to really put a price tag on beauty, but the value in the quality of their work is certainly there. To get exact prices for different treatments you can also view the menu on their website, ensuring that you will not be caught off guard when deciding the best route to take.

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Moving in with a Couple of My Buddies

This friend of mine has this old house out in the country, it used to belong to his grand dad, but he gave it to him or sold it to him for a very modest price. It is not exactly a luxury abode, it is a large old farm house and he already has two other guys living there with him. At the moment we are talking about how to get the fastest internet service that we can find. As I was saying there are going to be four of us living there. All of us have smart phones, tablets, laptops and so forth and all of them use play video games like I do. Obviously if you have a bunch of people in the same room you can have a LAN party like thing where you set up your own server and you all play the same game. However a lot of the time we are all doing different things.

It should be pretty cool when we get it set up like we are thinking. Of course it would be better if we all had our own place and the money to do it on our own, but the arrangement we have now is really cheap for all of us. Of course the guy who own the house is going to charge the other three guys something. He has to do that and he has to give something to his grandfather every month. That is the deal I think at least. It is probably more of a handshake type of deal than a contract that they all wrote out and signed up legally. For me this is going to cost around a third or so of what it would cost me to get an apartment of my own obviously.

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Switching Our High Speed Internet to Lower Our Operating Expenses

We are a small business on a very tight budget. We have a couple of employees, and we are growing slowly but steadily. We monitor all of our expenses closely. A few months ago we switched to Cavalier high speed Internet. Our old Internet Service Provider had too many fees and rate increases on our bill. It has gone up three times in three years. We wanted something that had a lower monthly cost that was still fast enough for us to do our work.

We use the Internet pretty much like any family would. We have a mix of email checking, website viewing, video streaming and even social media. We have to update our website and social media pages every day to stay competitive. Our Cavalier high speed Internet service works really great at our office. Oh, and our office is not what you might imagine. It is just an old garage on a dead end street that has a couple of rooms we made into offices. We make our product where the service bays for working on cars used to be.

It is nothing glamorous, but it keeps four of us working and feeding our families. I can even pay a living wage to people and provide health insurance. We are not a huge company that is going to make any top performing lists, but our customers and my employees know us. That is all that matters. I had originally wanted a fancy operation downtown but not anymore. My tastes are simple. I take the money we could be wasting and put it toward my employees in a balance of paying them and getting new customers. If saving some money on our Internet and other expenses helps us stay in the black on our accounting sheets, then I have no problem with that.

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Creating New Boundaries for Myself

I can hardly keep my excitement from showing, can I? I've been writing about this for weeks now but every day is bringing me closer to finally being on the back of a bike for the Paleriders - Cambodia Motorbike Tours that I've been looking forward to all year. This is a big deal for me as you no doubt know. I haven't been on a vacation in years and I've only been out of the country once in my life so this is going to be a completely unique experience that I have no familiarity with - I love it! Last year I came to the conclusion that I wasn't doing enough with myself. I work plenty, that's no problem but working as much as I do has left me feeling less than satisfied. Work shouldn't be my entire life even if I do Check Out A Lot More

A Fire is a Great Way to Clean

Looking back, I realize now just how close I was to having a mental break down. If it hadn't been for the help of the house cleaning in Westchester County NY that I ordered, I have no doubt that I would have seriously considered burning down my home in order to rid myself of the task of cleaning it. I admittedly allowed it to reach a critical point of what I liked to call the Exponential Filth. It had become so bad that I was afraid that some of the grime and dirt was going to become sentient - it was truly awful.

I feel terrible that I had allowed it to become such a problem. Between work and school I found myself with no time to do anything. I was often away at school sometimes, spending a night in the lab or even a cot at work in an effort to catch up on both. I had resorted to treating my home as a giant trash can to some degree. I'd come home, change, shower, eat and just leave the dishes piled up in the sink without even bothering to drizzle some soap on them. It quickly turned into an unmanageable problem.

This was especially apparent when I wanted to start working at home. I hated being there because of the filth I had allowed to accumulate but I became paralyzed whenever I thought of cleaning it. I didn't even know where to start or if I had the energy to do so. Without the professional cleaners that had come to my home, I really do believe that I would have set this place to the match and danced on the ashes. I was desperate for help and they were a god send! Now my place is back to it's state of pristine cleanliness.

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I Needed All Teams to Be More Productive

When I was promoted to regional manager, it was the first time I was able to see how all of the centers under my leadership work. I was surprised to see that only the center that I had come from was productive in every major category, and I resolved to fix that. I suppose it is one of the many reasons why I was promoted, because my work speaks for itself. The team I left has had specialized productivity training, and I attribute that to our success through the years. Seeing that the other centers were well below my former center in numbers, I knew that I had to get the same training for each of them.

I got all of my managers together, and I explained what I had done with my own center when I was running it. I had called in the help of an expert when it comes to productivity and motivation, and she was able to turn my own team around. Since I sat in on every bit of the training, I knew how valuable it would be for the other managers and their own teams to go through the same training.

I was able to get in touch with the same person who did the training for my own center, and I explained what I needed. She was able to book all four of the other centers within the immediate future. I really appreciated that she went out of her way to accommodate us. I had already explained to the managers what she teaches and the materials that she uses, so they were prepared in advance. After each center finished their training with her, I was able to see a noticeable difference within the next reporting period. All of our numbers were up, and I can only give credit where it is due, and that is with the company who helped put our motivation and productivity back on track.

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Kick The Habit With These Tips For Quitting Smoking

Reward yourself when you meet milestones, like your first day or week without smoking. Eat at a restaurant you have always want to visit, see a movie or take a relaxing, long bath. Do something that makes you feel good. Celebrate your milestones!Acupuncture can be effectively used to quit smoking, without the necessity of using nicotine replacement products. During acupuncture the technician will strategically place fine needles into several areas on your body. This technique will help soothe the craving for nicotine. This is less painful than it may sound. Most acupuncture patients experience little to no pain. Use your reasons for quitting to create an empowering mantra. Whenever you feel your willpower falter, Check Out A Lot More

Want To Add Juicing To Your Every Day Diet? Start Here!

Know the types of veggies and fruits that you can buy. A lot of people aren't aware of the selection of vegetables and fruits that are available to you. If you commit to explore new flavors and produce, you can ensure that your juice always has something new to offer.When you engage in juicing, you will inevitably create pulp. How much is made is dependent upon the vegetables and fruits you choose to juice. You can use it for extra fiber the next time you juice. As you get older, you may notice that you start to feel fatigued and sore. If so, you should consider adding more juice to your diet. Juice offers several nutrients that may help assist your memory, ease pain in your joints or begin to slow free radical Check Out A Lot More

Your Nutrition- What You Need To Know For Vibrant Health

If you're an athlete and need to keep your body in peak condition, it's crucial to eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Never exercise on an empty stomach. Eat a carbohydrate-rich and easily digestible meal about an hour before you work out. Fruit, whole-wheat bread and oatmeal, all make great fuel for a workout.Red meat in moderation is not harmful. Rather, an average portion of red meat that is lean has fewer grams of fat than a similarly sized poultry portion with the skin on. The thing to know is that you must find red meat that is lower in fat like eye of round or top round roasts.Dairy products are a great source of calcium and vitamin D, which help to build bone mass. Additionally, studies have shown that 1,000 Check Out A Lot More

Check this – Arts And Crafts Info You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Etsy offers crafters a way to buy and sell merchandise. There are thousands of craft items available for sale, and you can get some great ideas for your projects by browsing the website. Etsy is a great place to post your top-notch projects to bring in some additional cash to pay for your craft.Look online for crafting supplies. There are many web retailers who offer great discounts on art and craft supplies. They often offer quantity discounts if you buy in bulk. Sometimes you can even catch a sale or a promotion for free shipping. So, keep your eyes open and look for web retailers for your craft supply needs.To make a mosaic mirror that is stable without being too heavy, consider plywood as a backing material. Check Out A Lot More

An Apartment with a Better Pool

I was always jealous of my friend because he lived in an apartment that had it's own swimming pool. I would call him up and ask him if I could come to his place for a swim. My apartment didn't have a pool, and there wasn't one in he neighborhood either. I got tired of this, and wanted to live in an apartment with a pool, so asked my friend if his apartment had any vacancies, but they didn't. He did tell me that I could go to, because this apartment complex also had a swimming pool.

I checked out the link my friend gave me, and sure enough, the apartment complex had it's own pool, but that wasn't all. The pool it had was actually better than the pool that my friend had at his apartment. I wonder if he knew that it was better. It seems rather surprising that he wasn't living in the other complex. The apartment complex also had a fitness center and other amenities. The more I looked at the apartment, the more it stood out in comparison to my own apartment and my friend's apartment.

I moved in from my old apartment to the new apartment. Since the first day I got there, I've been swimming laps every morning and every night. Now, my friend ask me if he can come over and swim in my apartment's pool. I like the role reversal, but he should probably look into moving into the apartment I live in now before there are no more vacancies left. As nice as this place is, it probably won't be long before many more people find out about it and start renting rooms so they can swim in the pool. I already told at least 10 other people about my new place.

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Ok ! – Information That All Credit Card Users Must Know

Don't sign up for a rewards card unless you have experience with credit. In order to receive the benefits offered by rewards cards, you have to use them a great deal every month. It is all too easy to rack up unwieldy debts in this situation. A card with a lower limit is a better starter card than a card that offers rewards. Make sure you save your statements. Before you file them away, pay close attention to what is on them as well. If you see a charge that shouldn't be on there, dispute the charge. All credit card companies have dispute procedures in place to assist you with fraudulent charges that may occur.The highest interest rate credit cards are the ones that should be paid off first. It is not good to have Check Out A Lot More

Exactly ! ! – Great Tips And Advice On Improving Your Credit

It is crucial that you review credit card bills on a monthly basis to check for errors. You don't want them reporting these to the credit reporting companies, so you'll need to contact them immediately if there are.Investigate debt consolidation and see if it's an option that can help you repair your credit. Consolidating debt is often a great way to get all of your debt under control and repair your credit score. Consolidating your debts into one account can help you because you will only have one payment to deal with each month. You need to understand how consolidation works, and what benefits there are, in order to know if it is the right option for you. If you want to repair your credit but do not qualify for Check Out A Lot More